Monday, September 29, 2008

Definitely Maybe

Definitely maybe you might know at this moment how you want your life to turn out. Definitely maybe you probably knew the same answer to the same life question 5 years ago. Definitely maybe you might have been right at that moment but so very wrong five minutes from then. I have had a lot of realizations about my definitely maybe moments in my recent life. I realized that just because you think it is, does not mean it is going to be. Every day you learn, grown and develop. Things that seemed written in code yesterday are oddly understandable today without reason. Your changing life brings lights to shadows lying in corners you never realized existed before. It opens trap doors which leads to new journeys and nails shut windows that you can never open again without risking damaging the window panes. You surprise yourself everyday with knowledge and wisdom you do not realize that life events have given to you. You wake up one day and wonder where yesterday went. You spend countless hours tracing steps that are untraceable and cannot be retracted. Definitely maybe can only be assured at this moment and it definitely maybe will not be the same again. There is no sense to my post today other than I definitely maybe have realized that life is not an already written book. You cannot turn to the last page and be assured that what you predicted in the beginning will definitely maybe happen. There is no last page.....just blank pages waiting to be filled. It seems to write itself as you go along. You make edits and improvements and sometimes rewrite a whole chapter because you have decided that your character no longer fits the original story line. It is your own biography which you get to spend every day improving. I believe that definitely maybe you can live life by the moment and for the moment but that very moment will not determine your tomorrow. You can end your book with a happy ending if you never accept the moment but yet embrace the dream.

:) Have I confused you yet??? I understand it and definitely maybe you will too!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Edible Flowers

Do you know how frustrating it is to me that I have now written my blog post twice only to find when I post it that it is not there. Not only that but I cannot hit the back button to retrieve it either. For now on my posts will be written on my WORD program and be saved on my laptop so that I do not have to freaking duplicate my duplicated work again. I mean really. I produced work and then had to duplicate it. Now I am having to duplicate my duplication and honestly not sure I have the energy to explain one more freaking time that I learned today that some flowers are edible. Here is a LIST for you to click on! Enjoy some flowers with your pork chops tonight. The last two posts also went into detail about the cost effectiveness of edible underwear but I am not going back into detail about that now. Done with this conversation. Actually I am quite freaking angry with this right now. Not much longer and I will be moved over the and it will allow for easier editing and less glitches like this!! The domain name has already been registered but the page is just not up yet. Not much longer!! Just need to kick Matt in gear. is still under way as well. Me and some of the ladies are heading out to Greene Street to see The Plaids play Saturday, October 4th. This will be the first article written on my behalf and will include lots of fun pictures of me and my crazy girls and who ever else decides to join in with the festivities. The Plaids always pull a fun energetic crowd. Should be a good time.............I mean HELL it will be a freaking awesome time.

Ok, I gotta run. This whole blogger experience has stressed me out. I think I am going to go binge eat on a bag of flowers! Yeah! Take that!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Boxing Day Legal Style

~ My Boxing Day Uniform ~

The case settled. The case that have taken over my life and haunted my dreams every night for the past five months. IT has been alive and running since 2000 but just infected me with it's annoyingly overload of paperwork and body numbing case review. Of course it waits until less than a week from trial and after numerous hours and a whole forest of trees have been killed to prepare for trial but nonetheless IT SETTLED!! Now comes the extremely fun part of breaking down all the files for storage. This is the manual labor and get dirty part. The part that means that my pretty nails will exist no more after these next two days. That is BULLSHIT! I need some compensation for the nicely manicured nails that are about to get ruined. Ok, not really nicely manicured. I really did them watching the new series of 90210 which unfortunately I have become stupidly and embarrassingly addicted too. I wore a super cute linen button up cream shirt with a high belt to tie around it and some mocha editor style dress pants. O-O not to mention my freaking adorable blue shoes which are trimmed in brown. Do not will follow my Spaz Cat rant in uno momento por favor. Eeee?? Not sure where my yo quero taco bell moment just came from. Apparently I also have a spanish personality hiding in my freakish head!! Back to what I was saying this is not really something that you want to be dealing with dirty eeky papers and dusty boxes. Not to mention I am pretty sure that this is going to take anywhere from 10 - 20 boxes to empty the huge three filing cabinets, the war room and the downstairs conference room full of USELESS prepared documents. Had to throw in the useless part because I have a really hard time understanding the man power and hours that are put into preparing for a war that never happens. Yesterday I was working delinquently on a list of close to 500 exhibits. I had to manually go through each exhibit and label it in a chart that would be presented to the court and other counsel. I was at like 300 which meant I have been doing it for a while. I took a break so that I can gobble down some yummy M&M's which Donna keeps an endless supply of on her desk. I walked past Anne who nonchalantly said "settled". I stopped in my tracks and did a reverse moon walk!! Yeah, Michael Jackson has nothing on me folds! "Uh, we what?" "Settled??" She looked at me with a smirk and replied "yup, settled!" So that means that everything I was in the middle of working on and trying to produce to the standard of trial is now done and ready to be packed away and collect little dust bunnies. Not done because I got to complete the project but done because the attorneys in this case finally resolved the issue which in my opinion could have happened in July during mediation and before the over $20,000 in legal fees had accrued for the month of August and double that likely in September. So that's it. If anyone has wondered where my creative motivation has gone or just basically where I have gone than here is your answer. Sorry to neglect everyone. I will try and get my priorities straight next time. My apologies please kind ma'ams and penis heads! Carry on buddies. I will be back tomorrow!!

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Sorry, that was a delayed sugar rush from my overly wonderful sweet tea from Bojangles. Uh, huh! I had Bo-Rounds too. Haa haa! Num Num Num! :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Skinny Jeans Jig

How come because I am skinny I cannot complain about feeling fat? I am not saying I am fat. I am saying I feel fat today. There is a difference. I almost feel like my butt is double it's size today. I know it is it's same normal size but it feels swollen or something. I think it is because I have not seen the inside of my gym which I pay a monthly fee for since June. I think it is my butt and thighs' way of sending out a message to my brain that my body needs some maintenance. It is like a car's maintenance light. Every so often a light pops up to remind you that it needs some conditioning and you take into the shop. The mechanic dude does a few things and changes some oil. You drive off feeling like your car could drive to Mexico (close friends probably noticed I did not say Canada)!!! Same thing seems to happen with my body. I usefully try to stay active but from time to time I get too busy and make excuses of why NOT to go to the gym. I feel okay about it for a month or so.

Often I do small things like tan and wear black to hide anything that I am unhappy with. You girls seriously do not think the "little black dress" came about because it was elegant? Hell no! It came about because some smart lady figured out that the "little black dress" made her looka dress size smaller. Well eventually that wears off too and then......dum....dum.....dum.......I am sitting on the couch one night typing meaningless crap to y'all and I realize I feel my arss growing. I mean I actually feel it growing as I am sitting there. I will normally ignore it for about a week until I cannot stand it anymore. I have had about three days in a row this week of the throbbing butt syndrome. I ATE three freakins chocolate cakes squares yesterday, a ten piece pack of fullmoon sushi and four packs of M&M's. That was all while at the office. That does not include the plate of pasta I devoured that night for dinner. I even drank two sodas with caffiene!!! What the hell is wrong with me? It is almost like I am rebelling against myself and personally sabotaging my Arss!! I am totally taken advantage of the gym freedom lately. Bikini season is over for a while and instead of maintaining I have been consuming everything possible to assure I have to purchase a size bigger in jeans this winter. I have been on the verge of going up a jean size for a while. I teeter totter back and forth between the five pounds which makes you one size bigger and I know that. Oh shut up men! Some of y'all's love handles could use some self-control as well. Just because you guys basically wear your butt fat around your waist and it is able to lap over the jeans does not leave you out of this conversation. Walk to the mirror and take a look. If you have a Dick-Do then I am speaking to you as well. Yeah, a Dick-Do! It is when your gut hangs out more than your Dick-Do. That's what I thought. Keep listening as well boys. I just do not want to be stuck doing the skinny jeans jig and jean stretching lunges this winter. I spent this morning flounder around like a fish out of water trying to zip and button the jeans. Next step of course as I mentioned above it the jean stretching lunge. It is where you grab onto a door jam and squat your way through the resistance of the jeans in order to use your butt fat to stretch the jeans. This can be rather painful sometimes and the end result normally leaves you without the ability to breathe and pushing the fat up out of the jeans. You guys wonder why my lips are so big?? That is the excess fat that has shot up from my butt to my lips after the jean lunges. Who needs lip plumper? Not I!!! I guess if I was really smart I would stick that excess fat in my bust for some extra PLUMP ;)~ No complaints there. I mean really. I wish I came on here one day and complained about eating my way to a D cup. I wish that every piece of chocolate cake I ate would go straight to my boobs instead of my arss. Seems like a fair trade. I can guarantee that quite a few ladies and gentlement are agreeing with that right now. Think of the savings in plastic surgery. Save $6k on a rack job and spend it on twinkies! Everyone loves twinkies! Yeah, NOPE! Guess that means the treadmill is calling. >:( There is really something I dislike about the idea of running in place. I feel like I do enough of that in my daily life anyways. Is it bad when I look at my ten year old daughter eating whatever she wants and walking around with not an inch of fat on her body and think to myself "Bitch!". Ok ok! I am kidding. Geez! Seriously. Or am I????? Anyhow, hope I do not have to pee today. Not sure I am coming out of these jeans anytime soon. Should have probably ran a catheter before I left out of the house. Ugggggggg!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bloober Blog!

I am sorry! I have been so busy. Really!!!! Oh and last night I did take some time to type a really inspirational post about positive thinking and happy life crap and somehow by this morning the wrong Un-edited blog had been posted. I am pretty positive this may have been user error but whatever it was so freaking aggravating (insert frown face). You see Brooke has not been sleeping well.....sooooo....I am tiptoeing away from you guys while I say this......I HAVE BEEN LETTING HER SLEEP IN MY BED.....okay running off now as you all toss insults about how if I do not stick to being consistent then she will be 18 years old sleeping in my bed with me and............(long silence while I ponder).........well and ME. Shush it people. We got moved and she is having a hard time getting situated in the new house and she does not want to freaking sleep!!! Does anyone remember where I was going with this? Oh yeah, Brooke is sleeping in my bed so I decided to break out the laptop and try to work in the dark. Apparently I am half blind in the dark even with some closet back lighting. I just typed a shorthanded post which I followed up with some more intelligent fill in words thanks to my new brown low lights in my hair and some of that punctuation stuff thanks to grammar check on the computer. Yeah, you know. Anywho I hit post new changes and figured that was it. Hee hee. No. No. No. Unfortunately NOT. Note to self: Always read post IMMEDIATELY after posting to assure exactly what you want to say is there. I did not get around to checking my own blog page until around noon today. It was absolutely crazy at my office. One of those days that made you wish Nike produced high heel shoes. I started reading over my post after noticing that my page had an exceptional high traffic rate that morning. What the?? Ugggg! Half the words were missing out of my post and my blog was typed with a freaking lisp. Half the letters are missing from my words and the sentences made no sense without knowing where it began, paused and ended. Shussssh! It was so freaking embarrassing. It is a writer's equivalent to tripping on the stage while receiving your diploma at graduation. I deleted this post immediately today. Let's just act like it never happened. OookAY? I do know where some of you live and will willingly pour bleach into your shampoo bottles!! KIDDING. Ha! Anyhow, so if any of you claim some phantom post looming around my page and tell others then I will completely deny it. Must have wondered in from some other southern redneck gal who slurs her words and capitalizes the second letter instead of the first. I am not responsible. Nope. Okay folks! My laptop battery is seriously flashing. I got T Minus zero seconds to proof and send this post off. Not even sure what I am going to name it. Love ya'll!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


That is all you have to say and everyone knows what day you are speaking about. There is only one 9/11 in our history that stands out in everyone's hearts and will ring on in our memories. Of course I vividly remember where I was on that day. It was early morning in our office. I was working on some personal injury settlement documents. One of the other attorneys ran into my office and said there was an explosion of some sort in one of the towers. I had no clue what he was talking about or where the towers were. He had a small television he kept in his office to watch the morning news daily. He brought it into Jonathan's office and we sat there watching trying to figure out what had just happened. It was extremely confusing because you could see the building and the fire coming from the top but it was not clear exactly what had hit the building yet. Slowly the news starting getting details and had reported that it was actually a plane which had hit the building. Still it had not registered to me the amount of people that were on the plane and were on those top floors of the towers. The next minutes were all a blur. I cannot remember if the second plane and the towers crumbling were within minutes from one another or if more time had passed. To me time started standing still. It was hard to graspe that what I was watching was live and it was happening in my Country. It looked like a scene from a third world Country. The dust covered everyone's face. All of a sudden everyone looked the same. They were the same color and were all trying to accomplish the same thing. Save and rescue as many people as possible. It did not matter if they put their life in danger. You did not see or hear about one person hesitating for fear of losing their own life. It was amazing and heartbreaking all at the same time. My office was silent all day. Everyone of us sat in front of the TV with little to say. Often with our hands over our mouths and a tear in our eye. The phones at our office barely rang unless it was one of our own family members. The days that followed were a rollercoaster of emotions. Fear was the next big emotion that I felt. After I had taken in what was going on then I was worried about when and where next? Was it going to continue? Should I take my children to childcare the next day or keep them home in case of another attack? Is it going to be worse next time? Is this the beginning or the end of it? There were so many questions and insecurities running through my head. I can remember plenty of those days watching television about the lives that were lost and the people that sacrificed and hurting for their loved ones. The children who would never understand why their parent or in some cases parents will never come home from work again. The wives and husbands who took the last phone calls and had to try and comprehend that this would be the last I love you shared between them. Wow....never can I imagine the strength it took for these families to emotionally heal from this tradegy. 9/11 is the day that made me realize how important it is to be One Nation Under God and how much that drove our Country to react and recover in such a big loss and huge blow to our daily security.

Now it has been seven years. It does not feel like seven years. I can still feel that knot in the bottom of my stomach when I think about it and replay old footage. It brings a tear to my eye instantly when I watch old reels of the actual rescues and recoveries. I think this day will never be forgotten and everyone will always remember where they were on 9/11/01.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's With a C!!!!

Hi, my name is Catrina. Catrina with a C. Not Catrina with a K but Catrina with a C. When I write you an email and my signature line reads Catrina with a C and you respond "Dear Katrina" with a K then you frecking infuriate me to no end. You make me want to come through the computer and poke your damn eyes out with my fingers! Not only poke them out but feed them to you covered in Ranch dressing. Pay attention! It clearly says Catrina with a C! I did not typo my own name in my signature line. You had to read my name to even know who to respond to and somehow in your screwy little num-nut head you decided that even though you see Catrina with a C that I must be a nut ball and not know how to spell my own name. Ahhhh, I must have mis-spelled my own name right! Sure! I just got confused this day and for some reason I thought hum, is my name spelled with a C or a K??? Ehhh, lets go with C and maybe some nice little person will correct me if I am wrong. Come on people! Get it right! C! C! C! There is a reason my nickname is HellCat and NOT HellKat. My Momma wanted my name spelled with a C and damn it I think you should take the time to pay attention enough to spell it right yourself. So I guess this traumatic life experience can be blamed on Mom! Thanks Mom! I am sorry I continuously played soccer with your bladder during pregnancy. I am also sorry that I made you lay on that horribly uncomfortable birthing bed for 48 hours waiting for Fourth of July to arrive so I could be born with a bang but did you really have to pick a name that the rest of the world seems to think you have spelled incorrectly?? I mean I am so anal about it that I even introduce myself to new people as "Hey, my name is Catrina with a C!" They look at me like I am crazy when I say it but I really like it when you spell my name correctly. Ha! I bet about ten of my friends reading this blog just now realized they have my name spelled with a K in their contact list on their phone. Well guess what little buddies! You have it spelled wrong so please go edit your list and spell it with a C! That's right. CCCCCCCCCCC-atrina!! You got it now! That is really all I got for y'all tonight!

This is Catrina with a C signing off!

Sweet Dreams!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Posh Cat :)~

So I decided it was time to upgrade my smart appearance level. I get bored easily and normally that means I want to make some type of drastic change!! The easiest and cheapest change I am able to make is my hair! Although the idea of upgrading from the Toyota to an Acura would actually be a funnier and much needed change, I just decided to save myself the $400.00 a month car payment and go with a posh cut and add some SMARTS to my hair. Yes ladies.....adding smarts means adding low lights. Summer is drawing near an end so I figured what the hell.......lets live a brunette life for a few months. Seems lately I have had a lot on my shoulders so I decided to knock some weight off by removing about three or four inches. Not really sure I pull it off like Ms. Posh Spice but it sure does feel fun and has added a bit of a pep to my step. Hell I even sound smarter when I talk. :) The ladies here at the office love it! I should also save on Shampoo and Conditioner so it is a good money budgeting tool. It's a freaking win - win all around people! This will not last long as my closest friend and amazing hair stylist Kristy Peluso can tell you. I will get bored again in about two months and walk in there deciding to be blonde with purple highlights or something like that. I have been considering extensions. Hair to me is like ART! It is so much freaking fun to mold and experiment. A change to my hair can completely change my mood and with the right supervision you can rock out with your sock out with a new DO! I mean it's just freaking Hair! It WILL Grow back girls! Try it. Wait, before you try it make sure you try it under the supervision of a trained hair stylists. NOT everyone is as lucky as me to have Kristy but I would be happy to lend her out to anyone who needs a super stylings. She also does Makeup through Motives which is an amazing line. She rocks! Give her a shout at Renaissance Hair Studio (336) 765-4990 and ask for Ms. Kristy Peluso! I promise she will do ya right! Anyhow, I really need to get back to work because I can feel the smart seeping out of the pours of my head now that I have upgraded to Brunette! I need to work it! Work it! Hell, this new hair cut could earn me a raise. With all this damn start in my hair I might just crack this case wide open! Who needs law school.........I got low lights with a high IQ! :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

No More Spandex Please!

Hey Y'all! I felt like after yesterday's drab blog that I owed a little more effort to some happiness and giggles for today. I had an interesting drive home from my Nanny's yesterday. Wait, back up! Before I confuse some poor Yankee who has stumbled upon my blog on accident, my Nanny is my grandmother. My Mama's Mama! The lady who gave birth to the lady who gave birth to me. It is not someone I have hired to take care of my children. It seems to cause confusion when brought up in conversation. I think it is more commonly used in the great South. Ok! Lesson learned! Carry on! I was driving home or was I driving to her place? Uh. Wait, I was driving to her place. Apparently there was some bicycle something or other going on. I begin to pass what seemed like a hundred or so ten speeds. It was no Tour De France though. It definitely added a giggle to my day. This was the oddest mix of bikers I have ever seen. Of course they all had on those fabulously bright spandex shirts and shorts. Apparently color coordination is not important when matching a biker's outfit. The helmets were another interesting story all together. Some of them looked like they had bright power rockets strapped to their heads. GO SPEED RACER! Even though that added to my entertainment it was not so much the bright clown outfits that got me the most. It was the assortment of people wearing those outfits. I got behind one guy riding a bike and honestly I am not sure he had a bicycle seat. I mean I know he was sitting on something I hope. He had to be. There is no way he just had a pole stuck up his butt holding him onto the bicycle. It certainly looked like it though. I will admit as I was driving past I got some cleavage envy because he had me beat by a cup size for sure! That is no freaking fair. The next little guy I came up to apparently borrowed his spandex get-up from a ten year old. By the looks of his package (*Wink*) which was so obvious due to the OVERLY tight spandex, he borrowed it from a ten year old as well. Sorry! :) It was out there. I looked. My eyes burned afterwards but I looked. So now I am driving along and already been subjected to a man being sodomized by a bicycle seat and another man's short comings and about a million of other unqualified spandex wearers! Not exactly the Sunday stroll I was looking for but hell, these days I take what I can get. I really think anyone who is going to wear spandex should be subjected to some type of spandex pre-qualification process. Let me spell it out for you. Just consider spandex as a tacky skin coloring. Basically when you are wearing spandex you are naked but colorfully drawn on with markers!! If you would not walk around outside butt naked because you would scare the squirrels away than you probably should NOT wear spandex. I would not wear spandex. I do not care if it would cut 2.5 seconds off my mile when biking. I think that 2.5 seconds is worth giving up for my pride and keeping my camel toe to myself!! That should never be shared!! Geez Goobers!!! Anyhow after passing the million of unqualified spandex bikers, some people with motorcycle helmets on instead of bicycle helmets and a double ten speed for a dad and his eight year old up and coming unqualified spandex biker I was sure the show was over. Oh no, no NO! I came across the two oddest of the group. Everyone is on bikes. Ten speeds, generic ten speeds, double ten speeds and than randomly leading the pack were two in line skaters! What the hell are two in line skaters doing skating on the back roads of Davidson County up Gumtree Road? Come on now! They were decked out in full California gear and in full right to left pace glide! They took up twice as much room on the road as any of the bikers. Honestly they had their own lane on the road. At this point I was getting frustrated. This was a two lane road which stays pretty busy. There are a million bikers who I am concerned have their spandex so tight that they are losing air to their brain and might pass out and tumble over in front of my car!!! Now I have to pace behind two in line skaters!! I was so happy when I got out from behind that interesting mix of almost puking in my mouth moments. I really think one of the topics in this upcoming election should be the proper use of spandex. Could someone throw that out there at the next debate! Um thanks! Love y'all!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My PostSecret

I am sitting here trying to come up with some funny story or event that has happened in the last few days. I am sure I have a few and if I really tried hard enough I could turn a story about clipping my toe nails into some devastatingly funny freak show event! Honestly that is what my days are made up of. Things that happen to ordinary people but for some reason in my cartoonic creative little brain it seems to be elevated and out comes a blog. I never really write about my personal life. I mean I do, but it never involves any extreme personal feelings that I have. I am a bit mad at myself this weekend which has lead to my mood and lack of funny trailing out my finger tips onto this post. I allowed myself once again to let this same individual get the best of me. I depended on him as I know better than to do and of course came up short. I am pretty angry with the situation. He has shown me over and over again in about six years that me nor our daughter can depend on him. I use to get mad at him when he did not follow through but these days I get mad at myself. I know better and there is nothing more I can say about it. I feel like I should be wearing a dunce hat and placed in a corner of a room. I should write on a paper a hundred times "Catrina Anne, you know better than that!!" and post it up around my room. I cannot get mad at him for me constantly letting him not follow through. I can only be angry at myself for letting him do it to me. I figured if I post this feeling on here where everyone can read what a dumbie I can be sometimes then maybe it will make it reality to me. Needless to say I paid a visit to PostSecret which helped remind me that it is okay to be stupid and make mistakes. It is okay to let people know you have been stupid and made a mistake. Perfection is NOT realistic. Perfection is in the same category as forever. No one has ever been perfect and no one has ever lived long enough to feel forever. If you have not checked out PostSecret web page or books before than I highly recommend you do. If you do not know what PostSecret is than I would like to lift the rock you are living under so you can see some of the light. I have hyper linked the page for you twice already. After you are done listening to my blah rant than you are demanded to hop over to PostSecret. See I linked it again! It is a place where people mail in their most personal and sometimes silliest secrets on a postcard weekly and they are posted online for others to read. It is completely anonymous. Not sure why I have gotten so addicted to it but I find myself checking for the new secrets weekly. Reading other people's secrets makes it seem okay to admit to your own. It makes it okay for me to admit out loud that anything he does to me from now on is my fault because I allow it to bother me. I promise this will not be a consistent mood involved in my blogs but sometimes I am human and sometimes I have emotions like a human. Unfortunately writing is linked to your emotions and today they are not very happy. I promise I will cheer up in a few hours and come back in for something a bit funnier!

Love ya

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Hey Guys!!!! FYI - I will probably be blogging a few less days this week. I am super busy. I am moving this weekend. Shut up Peanut Gallery! I stayed here a year. Yes a whole year. Well it will be a year on Sunday. Shhhhhush! Anyhow, I have to pack all my boxes up after work this week. I also have classes and assignments due each evening. Not to mention that whole Mom thing I signed up for about ten years ago. I just cannot seem to shake that gig. Oh and there is my miserable 9 - 5er which I some would call my job. The real one. The one that is not so fun but pays the bills. I cannot forget that I have to do that every day too. Oh trust me, I try to forget every morning until that annoying alarm clock starts going off. I think my brain is fried this week. I never really recovered from Operation Nakey. Even though I won the battle, I walked away with some exhaustion and emotional distress which was definitely suffered. I figured I would take this time and blog to catch some of you guys up on somethings I am excited about. So open your ears and pay attention damn it! OK!! Ready???

I have been asked to start writing on and I am super freaking stoked. OK, slow not go clicking away. The site is down for maintenance right now. Something about upgrading to a bigger server to allow for more traffic volume. Hope Matt and Robin do not shoot me for spilling the beans already but everyone knows I cannot keep secrets! Well, everybody except those who keep telling me their secrets. ;) Kidding! I have kept all ya'll's secrets (how in the heck do you make the word y'all possessive??)!! No fingers cross - I promise!! So, back to me and what I was saying. I will be assisting in writing blogs and reviews for the DT G'boro area. This will mean some little fun outings for me and my ladies and of course getting all dolled up and enjoying some of the local venues and reporting back to everyone. The DT G'boro area has really been blowing up lately and I am happy to get to take part in capturing that. I am sure this will involve plenty of pictures of us locals enjoying ourselves. You know how me and the girls love our cameras!! NOW - of course I will super link you guys from here so you can keep up with the HellCat's latest Meow!!

OK, OK....I know you are jumping around like screaming school girls too! You can stop now. Now! Seriously STOP it Mr. Gene and Dougy. Indian style kids and listen up. In the next few weeks my blog will be moving to it's very own home. I have enjoyed my stay at but I am ready to upgrade! :) Hopefully, fingers crossed people! Fingers, toes and elbows actually. I am pretty sure the domain name will be :) This will allow me more options in designing my page and probably make it easier for you guys to navigate. All in all, I need more freedom. Typical of me huh? I am sure the page will go through some construction phases. I apologize if you experience any technical crap going wrong during that time. Suck it up. We will make it through this together! OK, lets skip on over to my last happy topic of the night.

Well, you guys may have noticed I enjoy writing. I have a tendency to blab on and on in my blogs. Most of the time what I talk about is off the wall and a bit improper but I love it. I seem to lack structure in my writing and I am sure there is lots for me to learn. I have always been told I should think before I speak.....and as you can tell, I never listened!! Writing is something I fell back into accidentally over this last year. I started by ranting spontaneously on myspace to relieve stress. Over this summer, I began writing more frequently and it became something I looked forward to every evening. That is what prompted me to branch out from myspace blogging and give it a go by driving my own traffic and hoping for some of my buddies to send some referrals my way. Honestly, I am rather surprised to see the numbers my page has generated in a month's time and some of the feedback I have received from y'all about my blogs. I am looking to possibly go further with my writing. As a matter of fact, not so much possibly but positively. I would really appreciate the constant referrals of others to my blog page and the feedback in the comment section. Come on.....none of my friends are shy and I have been waiting for you guys to start chirping me. I also check my guestbook located to the left regularly (it is on the left right???) and try to respond to any one's posts. So please continue posting!!

I wanted to say thank you to some of the kicks in the arss I have received lately from Mom, Dougy, Mr. Gene and Ms. Cindy Lou Hoo! Your opinions, constant reading and constructive criticisms are continuously appreciated. Thank you for allowing me to bounce things off your creative brain walls!

Ok Ladies and Penis Heads -- I am off to sleep. Sweet Dreams!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Operation Be Nakey

Just when I thought we had both throw up our white flags and agreed to disagree with the Bed Battle of July and August of 2008, I was given a rude awaken early Saturday morning. A new battle had been brewing. This one eventually got dirty and suffered a few causalities of war before Lt. Mommy figured out how to force a surrender on Brooke and her stuff buddy army. Things were so quiet for the last few weeks and I should have known better. After the first battled described below I performed some severe torturing of her stuff animals, one of her dogs named Blue cracked. He did not want me to cut off his left ear so he gave me some pretty important information. Needless to say he was too badly wounded from the battle on Sunday which I will get to shortly to even survive through the end of Sunday. He unfortunately took his final resting place at the bottom of the OUTSIDE trash can. Poor buddy!! Anyhow, according to Blue the dog, apparently when I would tuck Brooke and her choice of twelve stuff animals into her pack-n-play they would stay up scheming and drawing a game plan on how to get Mommy and get Mommy GOOD!!

Day 1 - Saturday AM - Operation Be Nakey set into action

It is early AM on Saturday. I hear Brooke's usual "Mommmmm" from her bedroom. I admit that I ignored it for about thirty extra minutes by placing the pillow over my head. I have maintained use of the pack-n-play for the remainder of the month. I have really loved the option of confinement when needed and especially at bedtime. So, I roll out of bed maybe a little later than she wanted me to. GIVE ME A BREAK PEOPLE! It is Saturday AM. I was pouting a bit because I do not want to be up before 8am! It is not FAIR! Anyhow, Brooke's door was halfway closed so I open the door a tad more and walked in to say my usual Good Morning Sunshine and there she was standing in all her glory with her sunshine SHINING bright! What the??? Are you?? Where is your?? Ugggg! Put your Hoo Hoo away! Yuppers! She learned how to remove her diaper this morning. Lovely. She had throw it off to the side like a rebellious little flower girl refusing to wear clothes. To make matters even lovely-ierrrrrr, she had to cop a squat right in the middle of her pack-n-play on Bugsy the Bunny, Pinky the Atheist Non-Praying Lamb, and all her freaking blankets. Including the adorable yellow knitted blanket from her little ole Great Grandma Fels. Wow. Yeah. I was happy. Real darn happy to run a bath first thing that morning and remove the urine soaked baby, stuff buddies, sheets and blankets. My Saturday AM was starting off to be awesome and I have my little pisser to thank for it. Thanks Brooke-a-Bella. You make Mommy Proud!!!

DAY 2 - SUNDAY AM - Operation Nakey gets dirty

Okay, so I am not sure why in my head I felt like this was an isolated action even after being forewarned by Blue. I just believed deep down that Brooke would never do that again. She did not get her diaper off on purpose! Seriously y'all. I mean one of the velcro latches obviously got stuck to her knitted yellow blanket and when she rolled over it came undone. Brooke is a sweet girl and would never try to cause her Mommy to have such an unpleasant Saturday morning on purpose, hmmmmm or would she? Sunday AM came too quickly. Thank goodness this was a holiday weekend because I definitely needed an extra day to recover from what I was about to walk into. I rolled out of bed and started walking into Brooke's room swinging the door open. Yup my usual - Good Morning Sunshhhhhh, Oh MY Gawd! No. No!!! Noooooooo? Really? Seriously? You had to do that?? This morning? What were you thinking? Oh my gawd! You are cleaning that up. I do not care if you are only 18 months old! That is just plain freaking sick! You did not eat it did you? Did you eat it? Please tell me you did not eat it? Oh! Ew! Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhd! It smells like, well you know what it smells like in here! You should know. You produced it. Lovely, all in your freaking hair. Oh! Oh! Wow! Awesome! Love it! Absofuckinglutely love it!!!!

So, if you have not figured out by now. My child again removed her diaper and threw it off to the side but this time instead of coping a squat she popped a poop!! Uh huh! Not only did she POP a FREAKING POOP but she used it as an exfoliater for her skin and cream rinse for her hair.

Oh nooo! Unfortunately this is where I see poor poor Blue laid off the the side of her pack n play face down. Apparently Brooke had found out about him giving up important information to me a day earlier. This did not go over well with Brooke. I cannot really tell what happened to him but my guess is suffocation by poop! His face was covered and there were little toddler poop hand print stains around his neck. He never had a chance against her!!

Counting to ten, no fifty, no a million!!!!! Can I just leave her in there and walk back out? I can just pretend like I never saw it! I cannot leave her in there?? Can I?? Trust me I considered it. I could freaking toss her a juice cup and throw cheerios at her all day to maintain her hunger. Yeah, I think allowing a child to play in poop is considered neglect, right? Yeah, probably. Damn it. So I walked over to her and lifted her out from her pack-n-play. I keep my arms extended from my body not allowing her to touch any part of me. Apparently my daughter was given monkey like abilities and she is swinging her body towards mine trying to wrap her legs around me. Please no! No! Stop! Don't TOUCH ME!!! I went running towards the bathroom with my head turned to the right and my nose squashed up trying to avoid that horrible nasty yucky poop smell which my daughter is drenched in. Oh! Oh! I almost seriously slung the kid into the bathtub. So, another bath first thing in the morning. I would have taken urine over poop any day. I removed all the blankets off the bed and threw them into the wash. I said a few sweet words for Blue and tossed him into the garbage can. Poor Poor little buddy. R.I.P. - "You're my boy Blue!!" Back to her sweet smelling bedroom to disinfect everything! This is just plan nasty! Gross! This is not right!!! No one should ever have to clean up anyone else's butt waste. I did not sign up for this. Please show me where on her birth certificate that it said I had to endure this and take it with a smile?

So, I think we are good now. I think Brooke has gotten me back. She has proved she can "one up" Mommy or should I say "TWO up" as in have to go number TWO! Right??? Okay, bad joke. I think the fumes from her room have gotten to me some.

SUNDAY NOON - NAP TIME - Operation Nakey and Escape!

I was happy when nap time came around Sunday. I honestly think I earned the break. Brooke on the other hand was not so happy. She was throwing a fit before I could even get her into her room. This day I did not care. Normally I try to talk to her and soothe her some. Eh, NO! Seriously she is lucky that I agreed to feed her breakfast and lunch after what she did to me that morning. Needless to say, I did not give her a fruit roll up snack after lunch. Hey! A girl has to have some leverage. Anyhow, I laid her down and left the room. She screamed all holy hell from the bedroom. Sounded like someone was murdering her. So I got up and closed her bedroom door. Can you tell I have lost sensitivity at this point? I sat back down on my bed and could still hear her plain as day! So I got back up closed my bedroom door. Now scream! Scream all you want you evil booger! It got quiet eventually. It was nice. Finally, until I heard THUMP - crash - BOOM - THUD! Uh, that was not normal. What is she doing in her pack-n-play! I run towards her bedroom and sling open the door! All I see is naked baby butt making a mad dash for under the bunk bed. She escaped! Sound the alarms. What the!!!!??? Again, off with the diaper! What does she have against the diaper? I mean she has been wearing them for 18 months. I wish I could run around naked too but I cannot. We must cover the HOO HOO! Everyone knows this. The Hoo Hoo is not for everyone to see BROOKE! I am tugging on her cheesy chunky legs as she is trying with all her might to get scurry under the bunk bed! I finally recovered her.

How in the hell did she get loose? I looked back into her pack-n-play to figure out how it was she had managed to escape. I mean she had never even suggested before that she could climb over. She had taken her comforter and folded it into a ball and then placed her pillow on top of it. She also had Slim Jim the bear on top of the pillow. She had built a wall to escape. Lovely! What am I going to do???

Luckily this time there were no bodily fluids left behind in the bed or on any of her stuffed buddies! I decided I needed to call in re-enforcements and contact someone wiser than me. Someone who has lived through many of these battles herself. Mothering and surviving the tortures of FOUR, yes FOUR children! She has to know what I can do. I grabbed the cell phone. Search for my Mom's name in my contact list because we all know no one knows any one's phone number by heart these days!! Please be home, please be home! Thank goodness good ole Mom suggested the usage of onesie's again! Yup. The wonderful ability to snap those buttons between her legs! Lets see you remove that diaper now buddy! I downgraded the amount of stuff buddies she is allowed to sleep with and placed a smaller pillow and comforter in her bed. I am hoping this will keep from any further escape routes to be built.

DAY 3 - MONDAY AM - Mommy Squashes Operation Nakey

I was a bit concerned about getting up this morning. I mean really could it get any worse? I am happy to say that Brooke did not manage to break out of the pack-n-play and she was NOT naked when I got to her this morning. Thank goodness! Keep praying for me people. :)