Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Awakening

It is time for HellCat to wake up. I need to crawl out from under my very fashionably decorated rock and check on my blog fans. I have taken way too much time off. My vacation is over. I am back. Ready to rambling and rant about anything and everything going on in my world, the kids world, my odd moo moo neighbor's world and blast it off into the wonderful blog disco land world while riding my disco stick through the trails winding through your brains. Can you handle it? Are you ready to understand for ten seconds and get confused in the next five seconds? I even have the very best 70's music blasting in the background to add to the mood. HellCat has on her tight leather pants and moccasins boots. Hair all beaded in piggy tails and tattooed pictures of all the zodiac signs in all the unbearable places on her body. Apparently Hellcat has been deprived from the real world and decided to make her own world up under that rock she had been chilling under. Pretty comfortable place. Lava lamp, disco ball and beanie bag chairs. Not to mention the lovely beads that hang down from the door ways. The curiosity of what is behind those beads starts making you curious. What in the hell is in there? Are you scared?? Come on, tip, toe one ittle bittle foot past the unknown that this door offers. Come on in and join me. let's find out what the HellCat has been up to and what hurricane of thoughts she has blasting around in her tiny blonde head that needs to be released. Until the next time, it might be best if you run out the stores and and buy out all the milk and bread.....board up all the windows and make sure there are plenty of candles to be lit. There is no telling what a storm is about to be released. She is called HellCat for a reason. Hope you guys are ready. I am! See you tomorrow night for my first off the wall antics.