Friday, November 28, 2008

Big Baby

Mom -- "You are a big baby Brianna!!" "Stop whining"

Brianna -- "Mom, I would rather be a big baby than an adult any day."

Mom -- (Silence)...................(thinking in my head of a smart reply but I am positive the pre-teen just out whitted me.) (WTF!!!) (OMG, she is right.) (Ok, got to say something back) "GO CLEAN YOUR ROOM!!!!!"

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Over the Heels I go!!!!

I finally went to my first college football game this weekend!!! I was super duper pumped and went over board in my accessories! Ha haaaa ha heee (snort)! Expected from me huh?? If you are going to do it then make sure you over do it! Right?? That's my motto. I am kind of digging my new blue fluff and mile long nose picking finger! Whatcha think???
Unfortunately, I was dubbed the team's UNLUCKY charm. As most of you have already heard, the heels were spanked with a bright red wooden paddle by N.C. State. Unfortunately, the wolf pack added some black to our blue and without much opposition from our team. It still was an awesome experience and I am very thankful for Mr. Tim the Fundraising Stud Tompkins for my first live True Blue Tarheels venture!!! I am hooked. I will be true to the REAL blue for a life time now!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quack Quack

I love the human's ability to over-analyze. Here is a good example. On facebook you have the option to put a status message on your profile. It is a fun way to let everyone know how you are doing for the day or what is going on in your life. Some of us with more creative juices often take our option of the status message and over-indulge!!!

My status message today read as follows:

"Catrina says A duck wearing bunny ears is still a f*cking duck no matter how bad you want the bastard to hop, he is liable to quack."

Now please read the comments that followed my status message. They are rather entertaining and by the end of the last status, you completely forget what we were chatting about in the first place.

Response # 1:
but if he does quack, will there be an echo?

Response # 2:
if he quacks in french does the echo count if you only understand english quacking??

Response #3:
But what if there is no one to hear the quack, will is still make a sound?

Response #4:
either way I guess the duck has more to do than us on a Tues afternoon

Response #5:
I often do not hear you guys quack but am positive that still makes you a quack so my answer is yes!!!

Response #6:
If it walks like a duck, and sounds like a duck...

Response #7:
Then it is not a bunny???

Response #8:
they're nice and cute and cuddly while the bunny ears are on - but we all know what's really underneath that fuzzy white disguise... feathers and a f*cking quacker. yep. i said quacker.

Response #9:
Can you show me your quacker please!!! :)

Hope you enjoyed! That is all I got for today!!!!! Once my brain stops hibernating than maybe HellCat's Meow can return back to its normal daily spaz-tastic posts!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

~ Raining Cows and Horses ~

Holy Moly!! I am going to have to build a boat to make it out of my house tomorrow. Forget raining cats and dogs. I think it is raining cows and horses! Geezus! If the saying about rain being when the angels are crying than I think we need to offer some Prozac to them angels. Apparently there has been an overload of prayer requests lately with the fall of our economic system. From the looks of outside, I think the angels threw their hands up in the air and screamed out in tears "I cannot take it anymore!!" "What is wrong with you people!!!" "Always getting yourselves in over your head and then you turn to us to bail you out!!!!!!!!!" Ha ha! Or something like that. I guess one good thing is coming out of this rain. My car sure was needing a good wash job. Yay. One thing checked off my list for this weekend. Clean car........CHECK! How cool is that? I have been rather productive as my fluffy puff is resting in the sinfully comfortable lounge chair. Did not even have to lift a finger. Guess I should send a thank you note to the menstrual angels who decided to flood our southern lands today. :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Twinkling Canadian Bacon

Check out Ms. Canadian Bacon! Ha ha! She is going to kill me when I show this picture to her first boyfriend 30 years from now. The potty training process has begun and is rolling at full steam ahead! She can even say "uh oh" when she accidental twinkles in her diaper. She races to the Blue Clues potty ripping her diaper! So far, it has been too late once she got there. She seems to get the point though. It helps that this potty annoyingly sings "It's toilet paper time" and gives props to the pooping toddler when something lands in the bottom. This is all fun for me right now. The idea of no longer changing a diaper is awesome. Do you realize my oldest will be 11 in December. That means that I have been changing diapers on and off for 11 years. Yeah! A bit long. Brooke has trained herself to apply her own diaper now though. It is awesome. She will lay the diaper down flat and opened AND THENNNN she will straddle the diaper and strap it around herself. Nice little trick. Makes Mommy happy. :) We are breaking out the big girl panties today!! Da DUMMMMM! My baby is growing up. Before long my Piggy-Bella will be sporting some Dora the Explorer cotton Hoo Hoo hiders! She will def be a hot mess!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Canadian Bacon becomes a Devil

Oh my! My Canadian Bacon unleashed her inner devil and took on the task of becoming a trick or treating professional. I mean she performed like it was her job. She took every second seriously and wasted no time between destinations. Do you see the seriousness in her look?? She figured out that if she kept her horns on and approached strange doors people would throw candy in her pumkin head bucket!! It was on and in full steam ahead mode for the rest of the evening! She never said one word to the strangers. She just waddled up the steps and held out her pumkin head bucket. What a wonderful noise that candy makes hitting the bottom of the bucket and being released into her custody! If only that candy knew the destiny it was about to take on. Num Num Num!!!! As soon as they dropped candy into her pumpkin head bucket, she was on to the next. Thank Ma'am, please give me some more!!! Wow O Wow! We headed back to the house after about an hour. She had hit the mother load of candy and was ready to indulge. Like my bacon needs more fluff to her puff! Little did she know that Big Bad Mommy was about to introduce her to the horrible communists way of rationing. She tried to rear her bacon head at me a few times. We battled hard over that pumpkin head full of candy but I did come out on top. Not sure I could survive the bacon on sugar overload!!!
Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures!! Love ya!