Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Twinkling Canadian Bacon

Check out Ms. Canadian Bacon! Ha ha! She is going to kill me when I show this picture to her first boyfriend 30 years from now. The potty training process has begun and is rolling at full steam ahead! She can even say "uh oh" when she accidental twinkles in her diaper. She races to the Blue Clues potty ripping her diaper! So far, it has been too late once she got there. She seems to get the point though. It helps that this potty annoyingly sings "It's toilet paper time" and gives props to the pooping toddler when something lands in the bottom. This is all fun for me right now. The idea of no longer changing a diaper is awesome. Do you realize my oldest will be 11 in December. That means that I have been changing diapers on and off for 11 years. Yeah! A bit long. Brooke has trained herself to apply her own diaper now though. It is awesome. She will lay the diaper down flat and opened AND THENNNN she will straddle the diaper and strap it around herself. Nice little trick. Makes Mommy happy. :) We are breaking out the big girl panties today!! Da DUMMMMM! My baby is growing up. Before long my Piggy-Bella will be sporting some Dora the Explorer cotton Hoo Hoo hiders! She will def be a hot mess!!!

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Tonia_and_boys_Inc. said...

yaayyy Brooke!! oh, the thought of going back to diapers! i know you are THRILLED! she looks so proud, too!