Friday, November 14, 2008

~ Raining Cows and Horses ~

Holy Moly!! I am going to have to build a boat to make it out of my house tomorrow. Forget raining cats and dogs. I think it is raining cows and horses! Geezus! If the saying about rain being when the angels are crying than I think we need to offer some Prozac to them angels. Apparently there has been an overload of prayer requests lately with the fall of our economic system. From the looks of outside, I think the angels threw their hands up in the air and screamed out in tears "I cannot take it anymore!!" "What is wrong with you people!!!" "Always getting yourselves in over your head and then you turn to us to bail you out!!!!!!!!!" Ha ha! Or something like that. I guess one good thing is coming out of this rain. My car sure was needing a good wash job. Yay. One thing checked off my list for this weekend. Clean car........CHECK! How cool is that? I have been rather productive as my fluffy puff is resting in the sinfully comfortable lounge chair. Did not even have to lift a finger. Guess I should send a thank you note to the menstrual angels who decided to flood our southern lands today. :)

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