Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Canadian Bacon becomes a Devil

Oh my! My Canadian Bacon unleashed her inner devil and took on the task of becoming a trick or treating professional. I mean she performed like it was her job. She took every second seriously and wasted no time between destinations. Do you see the seriousness in her look?? She figured out that if she kept her horns on and approached strange doors people would throw candy in her pumkin head bucket!! It was on and in full steam ahead mode for the rest of the evening! She never said one word to the strangers. She just waddled up the steps and held out her pumkin head bucket. What a wonderful noise that candy makes hitting the bottom of the bucket and being released into her custody! If only that candy knew the destiny it was about to take on. Num Num Num!!!! As soon as they dropped candy into her pumpkin head bucket, she was on to the next. Thank Ma'am, please give me some more!!! Wow O Wow! We headed back to the house after about an hour. She had hit the mother load of candy and was ready to indulge. Like my bacon needs more fluff to her puff! Little did she know that Big Bad Mommy was about to introduce her to the horrible communists way of rationing. She tried to rear her bacon head at me a few times. We battled hard over that pumpkin head full of candy but I did come out on top. Not sure I could survive the bacon on sugar overload!!!
Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures!! Love ya!

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha. She is a cute little devil... seems so much more grown up than my Hannah, even though they are the same age!