Friday, October 24, 2008

Lord Help Me

Explanation to follow:

This is Brooke giving me the STINK EYE after I fussed at her for this mess!!!

Brooke helping to clean up :) Thanks Babe!!!!!!


I miss you guys too!! Thanks for poking me until I got off my boo(tay) and blogged! This week has been crazy. It is the last week in two of my classes and I had a paper due in each. It is a major part of my grade so I was a bit stressed about it. Brooke also got her first stomach bug. Ahhhhh, the joys of a toddler spewing kool-aid out their nose and mouth while you hold them in your lap. Grape kool-aid! I wore it well and so did the whole couch. That went on for most of the day earlier this week. By the end of the day, I had been through a few loads of laundry between her clothes, my clothes, the cover for the cushions of the couch, a few blankets and towels. I tried to run her to the bathroom a couple times. Poor baby. Mommy is jerking her up and making a mad dash to the potty and trying to shove her poor head over it while she is uncontrollably projectile puking. Wow! It amazes me the distance a toddler can get with their puke! Thank goodness this is not my first child because it looked like a scene right out of Exorcist. Pretty positive that my oldest still holds the record for chucking across the room. If you look in the Guinness Book of World Record, you will see her picture! Uhhhhgggg! Ha ha!

Think....think....think! What else?? O! Brooke has a new obsession with diapering every doll, stuff animal, remote control or item that she can fit into a diaper. Needless to say whenever I run out of diapers, I snatch one from her baby doll. I woke up the other morning to Brooke moving my foot in the bed. I peeked down the bed and she was picking my foot up and laying it into a diaper. She nicely secured it with the straps and Wa----lah!!! My foot was wearing the Huggies brand diaper. I must admit. They are quite comfortable. Allows for plenty of moving without bunching of the diaper! Hee Heeee! Gotta love kids! That was a first in my life. Actually Brooke has had quite a bit of fun tormenting me this week. First the flying puke and THEN she decided to take a whole box of Frosted Mini Wheats (my fav) and attempt to fill her bowl! Ha! I caught this one with the camera. It is one of those throw yours hands up in the air moments. I mean I figured why not enjoy the moment right?? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Really?? Wow. Guess what?? Brooke just walked out with pink lipstick smashed in her hair and all over her face. Give me a second and I will entertain with these pictures too! Yay me! This one is going to be fun to clean out of her hair!!!

Noah's got a football game tomorrow in Lexington. I am pretty pumped up! Got my Mom shirt with my babies' number and last name on the back! Yeah! Rawrrrrrrrrrrrrr! They are calling for rain tomorrow.....boooooooooo Mother Nature!!! Lets hope the local weather man is wrong.

Ok....well my Friday night's dilemma is trying to figure out which Pizza special to order. I DO NOT cook on Fridays, um or Saturdays and Sundayssssssss, also Mondays!!! Ok kidding. I do cook sometimes. :) I am not Betty Crocker but Betty Rocker!!! I am too cute for my kitchen.

Love ya!!!



Anonymous said...

HAHHAHAHH!! LOVE the one w/ the stink eye - and the foot diaper -- too funny! Sounds like you're run off your feet. Good thing they're well padded now.

Hope this week's been a little more relaxed. Probably not - but glad to know you'll be enjoying it all.


HellCat's Meow said...

Thanks! This week has been a bit better. She is giving me a break thank goodness!!!!


Anonymous said...

Betty Rocker! Love it. ;)