Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Giggle Boxxxx

I am a giggle box this evening. I got a new toy. A hardly earned and way over due new toy. I do not officially get to pick my new toy up until tomorrow. I am like a little kid waiting on Santa Claus. I cannot sleep! I have been watching the clock and I promise that somehow thirty seconds has been added to every minute. Every time I think about me driving my new toy off the lot tomorrow, I get this big ole grin on my face. I even have background theme music playing in my head as I visualize my moment of accomplishment. OK, so my toy is not exactly a new toy but more like someone else's older toy which is now mine! All mine!! I am going to be the proud Mommy or should I say Hot Mamasita to my very own Lexus RX300. This is where you envision the car and me in the passenger seat. Looking hot and applying my lipstick. Pink Diamond by Motives of course!! All of a sudden the sky opens up from above and this light shines down brightly on my new car........of course next you hear the angels singing loudly and dropping it like its hot in their red stilettos. Hush! This is my vision. Did I mention I am sporting new shades that are essential when driving your car around with that blinding light shining down from the heavens above. Do not want to accidentally get blinded and run over one of those sweet little booty shaking angels who are singing my background theme music. I have already thought up a few different CD's I want to burn to de-virginize my 6 disc changer. Probably going to try and slip that into my already really busy day tomorrow so I can have them ready to jam out to during my first official ride!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :) Oh boy, oh boy! :)3 Not to mention us girls are going to break the car in Saturday for Girl's Night Out. I have not been out with the ladies in over a month. I am doing my first feature on of The Plaids who are playing this Saturday at Greene Street in Greensboro. Time to Doll Up and Rock out for sure!! I promise lots of pictures and a link to my first official post. Now I am just waiting to hear back about one more potential life rocking possible career change and then this week will totally be complete. I have been walking around all night with my toes crossed. Hard task to accomplish but I think I can keep it up. Just gonna have to trot around in open toes tomorrow to make room for my crossed over piggies!! You guys cross your fingers and piggies as well. Anyhow, just wanted to remind you that there is that wonderful guestbook located to the left. I love it when you guys leave messages in there! Also there is a reason that each post has a comment link under it. They are not just there for looks. Give it a go. Click on one and well, um, leave a spunking comment people!!!

Love you all! Cherries on Top!!
HellCat is on the prowl this WEEKEND!

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thedailydish said...

CONGRATS!!! on your gorgeous new car Cat! Sounds like you are MORE THAN EXCITED! Awesome. ROCK ON!