Sunday, October 12, 2008

KY Jelly for my biscuit please!!

Thanks KY for giving me another hard to explain this to my children moment! Yeah! Another Mom babbling her way through "Mommy, what's that?" question!! Seriously. You have to advertise KY Jelly on TV during hours that my children can watch the commercial?? Not only that but you have to make the commercials so appealing that you almost made my children want to buy your product and start asking me for it. Guess KY has recently launched a new campaign to draw attention to their HIS and HER version of KY Jelly. They have advertised the fluck out of it lately. Yup, you guessed it. The commercial comes on during Brianna and Noah sitting on the couch. It was a butt puckering moment for sure. I never came up with a good response to their curiosity of what made the man and women sing opera from the bed. "What is KY Mom?" Uhhh!! "Is that the Jelly you put on your biscuit?" Ahhhhh!!! "Why are they eating in bed?" Some things I think are best not advertised. Come on now! I am having a hard enough time tap dancing around the birds and bees. I was smacked in the face last year with Noah demanding an explanation of "what is gay?" Do not forget Brianna's "Mom, no really. How exactly is that baby going to get out of your belly?" My children have a special talent of making Mom speechless. Almost an impossible task but they have freaking mastered it! What is appropriate to respond? I cannot keep using the phrase "it is a grown up thing." Not sure that one is going to keep flying me into their teenage years. Eow!


jimsmuse said...

LOL I'm still laughing at my son asking about the pregnancy test commercial that says the product is "the most sophisticated piece of technology that you will ever pee on".

Your blog is a hoot! Keep it up!

HellCat's Meow said...

Well thanks you!! :) I really enjoyed your blog too. So much that I added you to my roll! :)


Jessica said...

I had a free sample of some edible lotion in my nightstand. Hannah ATE it. Ha ha. Not the same. But very funny. When she gets older, I can expect some of these goofy situations you describe.

thedailydish said...

Does KY even need advertising?? REALLY??